Welcome to UnwrapTheNight

Posted on 21st July 2017

Welcome to Unwrap The Night – a blog that is dedicated to bringing you the latest news in the alcohol and nightlife industry. We talk about the hottest upcoming events in our city however, we also promote safe drinking in accordance to Washington States rules.

However, for the most part we will be promoting drinking haha! Just don’t get too drunk guys, we want a good and clean conscience here. Plus if we get reported for even one thing Washington State will probably shut us down in no time so no funny business guys!

We notice that there have been many frat houses recently in Washington State that have been promoting the use of drugs and think that we may do the same – we will never promote the use of drugs on this website. Doing so will land us in hot shit with the uni so we wont be doing any of that either.

We will purely use this website to post the latest and best events in the city whilst talking about new booze establishments and endorsing safe drinking.

That’s it for now!


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